Never let a crisis go to waste – Taking Advantage of Current Events For Scenarios

Every day something happens somewhere that causes the emergency management to pause with thanks that it didn’t happen here.   This short blog is a reminder that everyone of those events are GREAT SCENARIOS and can be used to conduct a mini training – especially while the news story is still warm.   Consider the events in Egypt – what if hundreds of people started marching around City Hall or the Corporate Headquarters or the Park in the Neighborhood or the Campus ?   And then the international media descended.     And then there were various random incidents.   And then there was looting.      And then people were missing?   And then VIPs showed up.   All in a day or two.  

What a great scenario – yes a little preposterous for most of us – but none-the-less great fodder on which to build a brief little table top exercise.   One of my clients holds a mini training monthly with the key leadership.   They bring in a what-if brief story-line based on something that has happened somewhere, adapt it to their situation and go through their EOP to identify their primary actions.   Doesn’t take them more than an hour – hardly any time building up the scenario and keeps them fresh on how to use their EOP.   They never let anyone else’s crisis go to waste.   Maybe you can too.