Using Video to Train Yourself

Video is a wonderful media and tool for every organization to train yourselves in crisis management and crisis communication, including outreach and media interviews.   When you link up with a fabulous professional who is also affordable, like Chris McKenna with, you are able to train yourselves and your people in several layers:

  1.  We set up simulated interviews using our "Roving   Reporter" and our Camera Man.   We start with IMPROMPTU interviews which are live camera with a slightly aggressive approach from the Reporter.   This type of practice is the best way to train yourself for such an encounter.   You go through our 1 hour tips and echniques for impromptu interviews, learn your own media management from your own Crisis Communications Plan (if you don't have one – you need to prepare one) and then you practice – real life on the video.      We let you try it again and again until you are comfortable with your response and publish the one or two best "takes".   You get to learn, think about, practice and then see your best.
  2. We also set up Extemporaneous Interviews in which you KNOW in advance (maybe not much time – but enough to prepare yourself) that you will be interviewed.  Again we go through the tips and techniques of talking to a report in a stand up interview about a crisis that your organization is experiencing.   This, again, is OLYMPIC style practice – you train yourself to think ahead on what you will say, how you will say it and get to practice with our ROVING REPORTER.   We give you the video (edited for best take) and you then see yourself on camera.   There is no better way to get this experience and expertise without actually being in the interview.     SEE A MISTAKE – no problem – you can critique yourself and you will immediately better AT EVERY public speaking opportunity you have.
  3. We set up NEWS ANCHOR broadcasts about your company and the situation and then call you – you get live, over the phone, interview practice. We video you as you talk on the phone – you see yourself, hear yourself and relive the experience.
  4. We set up at your own PRESS Conference and have you give your statement and then ask you questions – this is great for the TEAM as you can decide who will answer the questions and give you the experience again, of thinking through your answer BEFORE you answer.

We couldn't do any of this without the video – it takes an excellent professional videographer and his/her professional studio to shoot the video, process the raw video, edit into BEST TAKES and enhance the audio, and then put it together into your own training production.

Thinking about doing this??   Give me a call – Jan Decker – I'll chat with you about how we – Jan Decker with Crisis Management Consulting and Chris McKenna with McKenna Video – work as a team for your organization.   We are good at what we do – affordable – and on YOUR SIDE – our services help you do what you do looking and sounding your best!     Jan Decker 253 261 2704.

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