Rapid Strategic Leadership Training

Rapid Strategic Leadership


Real Time; without delay, fast acting


Advancing toward a goal or objective; decision alignment toward the end goal


Directing and influencing an agenda; Power oriented role or position

 When I work with an executive management team to develop skills, confidence and posturing in crisis management, we always start with a workshop on understanding the power base of the organization's leadership.   With public and government entities, the power base is primarily in the senior executive or head of the department or agency.   It is less on personal style and skill and more on position.   For a private company and many not-for-profit organizations, leadership can emerge from within the organization and the actual crisis manager often is not the highest ranking position.

 Using the power base of the organization and managing from that base is a core leadership skill of Rapid Strategic Leadership ©.   To be a strong and effective leader in crisis management, the Crisis Manager influences, engages, and enlists the willing cooperation of the organization and the implementation of the crisis action plan.   Strategic thinking is clear thinking and understanding of the situation, the impacts, the anticipated consequences and the immediate, short term, long term and recovery solution.   Rapid means immediate, without delay and REAL TIME.

The basic skills of a good and effective Crisis Manager are developed through training and practice once the Crisis Management Plan and the structure and systems are all in place for urgent activation.   At that point, the training is personal and the crisis manager must want to develop and leverage his or her personal style, vision, ability to think and reason quickly, and develop the personal capability to lead during a crisis.  

 We believe that this type of leadership can be developed for anyone who finds themselves in the position of Crisis Manager, either by an extension of their daily job or through the opportunity of being on the Crisis Management Team.   We are developing a workshop for interested participants who want to gain these skills.  

 Let us know if you are interested in this workshop.   We currently work one-on-one with individuals, but are willing to tailor this to a team, if requested.

Rapid Strategic Leadership © is a training program offered by Jan Decker, Crisis Management Consulting.   Contact us at 253 261 2704 or jan.decker@comcast.net about this training.

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