ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems – is certification for you?

Almost everyone I have met who has worked in emergency management or any related fields has experience and knowledge and a basic foundation in what is now known in the global environment as Business Continuity Management System or BCMS.  This is the most intelligent approach to a “comprehensive” or some would call “whole-istic” emergency management or crisis management program.

In the four days of course work and class activities, including case studies, mini-exams, and a full exposure to the terms, meanings, and application of the ISO standard, everyone that I have had in my courses (now four) have passed the exam and achieved their certification.

So, the first question is could I do it – is YES, you go through the course and take the exam and you will pass.  Next, what does this mean to me – well, the ISO 22301 is manager’s level concept and implementation course.  It will impart into you the overall integrated program management approach and articulation skill that is of great value to you in whatever aspect of the program you and are now in and advance you to a higher level, if that is what you want.  This is, in my view, an essential certification and body of knowledge for anyone who serves as a consultant, either internal or to outside clients.  If you are in the business of helping organizations develop standardized programs, this is essential.

I have been a consultant for over 25 years and I immediately was able to use the body of knowledge in my projects for assessment, evaluation of performance, articulation of status and standard and in recommendations for best practices.  While all of my combined experience and education are very important, this one certification was worth every minute of my time and my investment.  As the trainer, I believe the participants feel the same way with their course as I feel.  Want to ask some folks – I’ll give you a couple of references – send me an email and I’ll connect you with them.

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Course:  ISO 22301 Lead Implementer – Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) professional certification course.  This is a great course for anyone who wants the knowledge and certification for the international ISO certification – 4 days of classroom work with case studies and ½ day of the professional exam.   Course fees include the course material – a 4” binder of excellent material, lunch (4 days), instruction, exam fees and certification fees.  To get certified, you must pass the exam (70%) on the implementation of the international standard, have 5 years in professional work related to any of the topic areas, demonstrate 300 hours of actual project/work experience, and have 2-3 references.  Certification is through the Professional Education and Certification Board (PECB) – an international certification organization for the international ISO organization.

Course instruction through Continuity Link:

This is excellent for private, public and university emergency management and business continuity or related professionals.