SOBS – Save or Be Sorry

The very first computer training class I took was for my little Macintosh  – using the BRAND NEW little discs and a wonderful program entitled SUPERPAINT.  I created so many fabulous products – like Christmas Cards, brochures, logos and such.  The very first day the instructor shouted out:  “ SOBS – Save or Be Sorry!”.    The class was at first startled and then giggled a little with some eye rolling over the instructor’s acting out.  And then at each class work hour, as one-by-one we forgot to hit save, we would hear  “OH NO – I lost it all”.  And we would hear a sad quiet voice say, “SOBS – Save or Be Sorry”.  By the end of the course, whenever someone said OH NO, we were all saying softly with empathy, “SOBS – Save or Be Sorry”.  

So this post is about saving your records and backing up your systems.   However you do it – Carbonite (automatic updates on the “cloud”), external mega-bite hard drive, duplicated system, replicated system and even back-up copies of essential or critical records, you can save yourself and your business from sobbing from loss by keeping current on your back-ups and “saves”. 

Say it outloud right now – SOBS – Save or Be Sorry.  (This also applies to extra cash/lines of credit/and extra supplies.)

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