ISO 22301 is NOT for the Faint Hearted

It takes courage, optimism, vision, willingness to receive feedback, resolve to address problems, time to formulate wise and influential communication, and hard work to design, implement and manage a Business Continuity Management System in conformance with ISO 22301.  Here are the “Ya Have To”s for the BC Manager who wants to get in line and synch up with the global standard:


  • Become known and respected by the key stakeholders
    • They need to know you by NAME and FACE and respect your position
  • Be cordial, facilitating, understanding, knowledgeable, nice always, pleasant to be around, accepting of others, and very patient with those who either don’t get it, don’t want to get it, or get it and won’t be cooperative (yet)
  • Keep your wits about you, speak well on your feet, nod your head in the affirmative and show strength in resolve, and a full comprehension of what you are doing or are proposing to do
  • Communicate substance every time you communicate
  • Find a champion, supporter, leadership who believes in you and sees the benefit/advantage of what you are doing
  • Be able to show the why in terms of numbers and costs, the level of effort for what you are going to do and the cost/benefit for any savings and avoidance of loss
  • Always focus on the customer, their expectations, and the strength of the position of being in conformance with respect to marketing and retaining customers
  • Get legal to agree, approve, endorse, and support the reduction of risk exposure and mitigation of future risk and potential incident damage by implementing this system
  • Start where ever you can start and build – the foundation is the high level expectations and you can always link/synch with the vision, values and mission of your organization
  • Carefully and strategically build a complete cycle in at least one area of the system
  • Announce and reward success (which is the result of conformance)
  • Get someone outside of your organization to speak to the attributes of having a successful BCMS to your internal organization
  • Get everyone on your team in your same game with the same goals
  • Expect to succeed


If you start out saying:

  •  It is no use even learning about ISO 22301 – they won’t listen to me if I came with it to them
  • There is no money nor support – I can’t afford to even think about this
  • I don’t want the upper management inspecting or critiquing my program
  • I don’t have the time to do this- I’m already overwhelmed
  • I won’t get paid a dime more for doing something like this
  • They don’t even know who I am, my boss won’t let me get known outside of our office
  • No one will cooperate with this anyway- I would be wasting my time


Any of these is a sure path to either stumbling or falling at the first start of your program, or a great excuse to never do anything.  Anyone who says and believes these statements of no confidence will never get off the ground with a successful BCMS.


So, ISO 22301 is not for the faint hearted, the person of little faith in themselves and others, or the person who thinks no one believes in them.

ISO 22301 is for anyone with a morsel of faith and confidence that not only is this standard a great opportunity, but with a well-built and carefully constructed system, accomplished one nailed board or hard weld at a time, success is attainable.

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