Reputation Risk Management

This is the thing that CEO’s, shareholders, and entrepreneurs worry about – someone out there in the cyberspace – getting their kicks writing bad stuff about you personally, your business and/or your products.  I have had several business owners contact me regarding potentially bad or slanted news stories, google based ratings and/or just someone trying get at the biz for whatever reason.

It is always on the list of potential risks and threats – reputation management.

Well, I have had the good fortune to meet Steven Regimbal and Herman Tumurcuoglu who have a specialized service in getting to the core of the bad news on google and other search engines.  And the really good news is that these two experts know what to do about it.

Let me introduce you to Search Reputation – – the fixers who can help you right now by finding and removing negative search results from popping up, changing the parameters in google searches to reduce 1st page results, and helping to get your POSITIVE results in the forefront.  These guys work with companies all over the world and I would start with them if you need some help with reputation clean up and google or other search engine management.

This is one of the core functions of the Corporate Communications and public relations on the Crisis Management Team.  And – it is scary – because the more you search out the topic to see if it is out there, the more hits it has and the more it turns up.  It is a catch-22, as we used to say, and we find ourselves being asked – What to do,  What to do????

I encourage you – if you want discretion and results – to contact to talk about your needs and his company services.  I’m passing it on to you to put in your toolbox – just in case you need help with reputation management.

Jan Decker – 253.261.2704

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