Virtual Crisis Management – Real Time Action

The best way to manage a crisis is to understand it and get ahead of it.  It is like taking over the steering, setting the course, and getting the sailboat to go where you want to it go – and anticipating trouble with high erratic wind and sudden high waves and then piloting right through the storm.

For the Crisis Management Team, this means real time and NOT ALWAYS AT THE SAME TIME, communicating, analyzing, conferring, deciding, articulating, tracking and coordinating.  This means a real time system for operating.  The best way to do this is through the use of a virtual portal that is designed for the team to conduct its work – FAST, SECURE, and IN SYNCH.

Don’t have one – get started now.  Start out with one site that all can use – on a file server or a collaborative platform such as Microsoft Office 365.  For a process that is a Guide and a Collaborative tool, check out SharePoint.  Need some ideas?  Ask me – Jan Decker 253.261.2704  Want to see a good idea that you can install on your own SharePoint?  I’ll set up a GO TO MEETING with you – I may have EXACTLY what you want!