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The 5 Most Common Excuses of Small Business Owners – Why they don’t have a Crisis Plan

The only sure-fire way to be ready for whatever is going to happen to us is to be prepared.   For most of us, the first time we go through a surprise and threatening situation is not our best try at it. It is because we are not prepared.    As a professional in this […]

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Good Example of a Best Practice in Crisis Communications for a Tragic Incident

You just never know when a crisis is going to happen.   Your organization can be enjoying its good operations for its business and activities and suddenly, what starts out good can have a sad turn.   Such was the case for the Texas Rangers on July 7, 2011 at a home game lightly attended […]

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The Profile of a Crisis Management Leader – A BALANCE of Plans, Processes, and Posture

Emergency Managers love to quote Snoopy who said, "Five minutes before the party is not the time to learn to dance.”   They, of course, are referring to the Crisis Manager or Leader – who should be well prepared for the leadership moment as well as the sustained management of continued response, containment, control, and […]

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