Crisis Management Consulting

  • Announcement – Jan Decker is retiring.  This business is now closing.  If you have any open matters – please call Jan Decker – 253.261.2704   If you are interested in this domain – please call Jan.


10 Basic Steps for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for the SMALL and MEDIUM sized Business or Organization – DO THIS ALL IN 2 WEEKS Taking care of business in these days includes planning for and being well positioned in crisis and disaster events – including those that involve a loss of data, systems, website, […]

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The 3 R’s of Resiliency for the Small Business

The 3 R’s of Resilience for Small Businesses Business Continuity is coming into the mainstream as a core part of business strategy for the small business owner and small or satellite operations.   Just this month, Hurricane Sandy gave a number of small business operations a big challenge with its destruction of the critical infrastructure, […]

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ESFs or Annexes – What's what with these plans?

When we get into emergency operations planning, we quickly get into a discussion of the whole thing about annexes, and since about 1999, into the concept of Emergency Support Functions or ESFs. Here's the deal – as I see it: All plans of any kind for any reason are decisions.   Decisions made in advance […]

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Jan Decker’s 23 Tips For Success for a FSE

Before you start, decide for yourself:                                  -Your own purpose for the exercise – why you want to do this, what you want to do in it and what findings you want to collect, analyze and have at the end. […]

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Gut Instincts In Crisis Decision Making

I recently reviewed a posting on a prominent web forum that gave the author's best take on the role of "feelings" in making decisions – especially during a crisis or urgency.   I agreed and did not agree with the posting as it relates to Crisis Management and Crisis Decisions.   Yes, feelings or more […]

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