Crisis Management Consulting

Crisis Management Consulting is a client-focused consulting business providing consulting, training and coaching in crisis management, business continuity, emergency management and crisis communications for private, public, government, university, education and not-for-profit organizations in the following services:

  • Review, assess and audit programs
  • Emergency Plans, guides and tools
  • ISO 22301 Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor – Business Continuity Management Systems
  • Training and Exercises
  • EOC and Crisis Management Center operations
  • Business Continuity and COOP plans and systems
  • Incident Specific Guides
  • Support the configuration concepts for the utilization of SharePoint™
  • Coaching with INDIVIDUALS, MANAGERS and LEADERS to build skills, knowledge and personal capability, through practice, to assess situations, lead the crisis team, and run the EOC

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CPG 101 Emergency Operations Plan Development – The Basic Plan

There are several thoughts and approaches to the Basic Plan section of an Emergency Operations Plan.   Many very practical planners provide an overview with general facts and an overview hazard section that is sometimes subtitled, "The Situation".    The CPG 101 loads up the BASIC PLAN section with not only situation facts, but also […]

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Step 1- Aligning the Lines of Authority and Coordination

I am often asked how do I begin the process of developing an Emergency Operations Plan.   This blog entry should answer that question and give you, the emergency planner, some good advice on where and how to start.   Maybe you already know this, but I can tell you that in all my 20+ […]

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CPG 101 – That is the subject of the next few blogs.

There are a few of us who oddly came of age with an interest – and for me it is a passionate endeavor – in developing, training in, and using what are now known as Emergency Operations Plans (EOP).   While emergency planning per se is now a more or less common task, when most […]

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Rapid Strategic Leadership Training

Rapid Strategic Leadership  Rapid Real Time; without delay, fast acting  Strategic Advancing toward a goal or objective; decision alignment toward the end goal  Leadership Directing and influencing an agenda; Power oriented role or position  When I work with an executive management team to develop skills, confidence and posturing in crisis management, we always start with […]

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Preparedness for the Small Business

From time to time, I’m asked to talk to groups of business folks with small operations, family owned businesses, home-based operations, and owener operated enterprises.   Here is the substance of an hour’s talk: Think About It: There IS A 9 OUT OF 10 chance that your business will go out of business for good […]

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Using Video to Train Yourself

Video is a wonderful media and tool for every organization to train yourselves in crisis management and crisis communication, including outreach and media interviews.   When you link up with a fabulous professional who is also affordable, like Chris McKenna with, you are able to train yourselves and your people in several layers:  We […]

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Crisis Management and Crisis Communications

I am often approached to help an organization with their Crisis Management Plan and when I get further into their ideas, I find they are calling their CRISIS COMMUNICATION PLAN a "crisis management plan".    Here's the explanation of what is what on this subject: Crisis Communication is the public face and voice for a […]

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13 Point Crisis Management Strategy

  I am often asked for a good strategy for Crisis Management – what is a good Crisis Management Plan   Here is my standard answer:   When a Crisis happens, your strategy is to:   Know what is happening (facts, data and situational information) Know what "what is happening" means   (understanding) Know what […]

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