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Good Example of a Best Practice in Crisis Communications for a Tragic Incident

You just never know when a crisis is going to happen.   Your organization can be enjoying its good operations for its business and activities and suddenly, what starts out good can have a sad turn.   Such was the case for the Texas Rangers on July 7, 2011 at a home game lightly attended […]

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Gut Instincts In Crisis Decision Making

I recently reviewed a posting on a prominent web forum that gave the author's best take on the role of "feelings" in making decisions – especially during a crisis or urgency.   I agreed and did not agree with the posting as it relates to Crisis Management and Crisis Decisions.   Yes, feelings or more […]

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Rapid Strategic Leadership Training

Rapid Strategic Leadership  Rapid Real Time; without delay, fast acting  Strategic Advancing toward a goal or objective; decision alignment toward the end goal  Leadership Directing and influencing an agenda; Power oriented role or position  When I work with an executive management team to develop skills, confidence and posturing in crisis management, we always start with […]

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